Basic Alfredo Sauce

A few days ago I shared a picture on my Instagram of a quick pasta dish I made on Sunday night. As I have shared before, my kids love pasta and I try to make different variations of it. For this meal, I used spinach ravioli from Costco. It comes pre made and has easy [...]

Mushroom and Beef Gravy

I was talking to my sister the other day when I remembered that she had once posted pictures of a yummy looking mushroom and beef gravy that I vowed to make but never got around to making. I don't make a lot of beef but I found myself with a few beef tips that I [...]

Easy Banana Bread

Am I the only one who gets the urge to bake when the weather is gloomy? I really miss the sunny weather we used to have in Texas around this time of the year. It doesn't make it any better when I see my Texas based friends and family write about how hot it is [...]

Musings of a Diaspora Mom

I made bone-in tilapia last night for dinner and it was a reminder to me of why I don’t make a lot of “traditional” Zimbabwean food. Now, just so you know, I love most of the food I grew up eating in Zimbabwe. Some foods that I didn’t like as a child, I now love [...]

Easy weeknight dessert

My family and I are not big on having dessert at home but once in a while we do crave a little something sweet after dinner, at least I do. Monday night was one of those nights. I was feeling especially accomplished after planning the kids lunches and dinners for the whole week the Sunday [...]

Lunch and Life Lessons

If you have been following me for a while on Instagram you will know that I love to pack my kids school lunches. I’m however learning to let go and let my oldest 2 pack their own lunches as they're in middle school. I seriously struggle with letting them do it BUT they’re getting older [...]

Feed Your Focus

It’s a pretty self explanatory statement. Now, to stop and actually think about what you focus on? I will not go off on a tangent about giving up certain behaviors nor will I go into some deep introspection about what your focus should or shouldn’t be. Let's just say I have personally gained some much [...]

Social Media Detox

It’s been a whole 5 days since I decided to take a Social Media detox. It however feels like it’s been a whole month and I have caught myself trying to toggle to Instagram or Facebook only to remember that I don’t have those 2 apps on my phone, I actually deleted them! Why the [...]

Goodbye 2018

I have come to fully embrace, appreciate and love the simple things in life. 2018 was my year of the simple life solidified. A lot didn't go as planned for my family. What we all learnt is that it doesn't matter what happens or doesn't happen, as long as we're together, we will be just [...]

Lunchbox Hack

So I'm always on a quest to find easy non sandwich lunches for my crew. They like sandwiches but will be quick to point out how they have sandwiches "everyday" when I pack them sandwiches for 2 days in a row, go figure! I found this fun and easy ham muffin recipe which I tweaked [...]