Nurturing your kids interests

I had just got out of the shower this morning when I heard a loud knock on my bathroom door. I know who that knock belongs to, I thought to myself, my Kupstar, as I affectionately call him, my second child, the oldest of my boys. Kupa has always loved to help around the house. He is that child who’s good and consistent about doing his chores. So there he was up bright, early, and ready to get his day started. I knew what he was going to ask me, the dreaded “what’s for breakfast” question. I was wrong. He instead announced to me that he wasmaking breakfast for him and his siblings. I smiled at his eagerness and thoughtfulness and gave him the go ahead. He proceeded to make a good breakfast for his siblings who were running late, set up the table, and laid out their food for them.

My morning turned out to be an easy morning just by him taking over that whole task single handedly and might I add that he did it well and with ease. My baby is getting big (insert a soppy face here). I am glad that we have managed to help him nurture that side of him that likes to help AND cook! It’s not always easy or convenient to have him help but on days like today, I’m reminded that I should be patient with him and let him help when he offers to because not only is he learning how to be self sufficient, I know his future him will be thankful that he learnt how to cook and do things around the house. Do you allow your children to help you around your home or are you impatient like me sometimes, and choose to brush them off when they offer to help because they slow things down? Take time to nurture the little things your kids like doing, it’s a great bonding experience and allows for them to bloom and discover what they can do on their own.

Trudy M.

My Kupstar at the stove💙

7 thoughts on “Nurturing your kids interests

  1. I really love this. Gone are the days, kitchens nd housework were for girls only. Well done Kupstar. I am the same with my 16 year old son, he does housework and cooks (he is getting quite good) but the cleaning is not up to mum’s standards yet but l am grateful that he does it without complaining. Here’s to teaching our children and being patient with them 🥂


    1. You’re so right Sarah! Those days of kitchens and household chores being for girls only are long gone. We have to teach our sons how to be hands on around the home, our future daughters in law will thank us for it;) You’ve done great with your son too. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


  2. Great job, Trudy! What a wonderful example you have set. I’m eager to continue to learn even more parenting wisdom from you as my little one grows. Thank you!

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