Feed Your Focus

It’s a pretty self explanatory statement. Now, to stop and actually think about what you focus on? I will not go off on a tangent about giving up certain behaviors nor will I go into some deep introspection about what your focus should or shouldn’t be. Let’s just say I have personally gained some much needed clarity within the past 30 days of being off Social Media on what my focus should be on. Unplugging has been a truly great and much needed experience for me.

I have taken time to pay attention to what I spend most of my time doing, work excluded. I have asked myself questions like; does what I spend a lot of my time on better me as a person or the people around me? I have come to understand that my time should be invested in things and people that make me better and that I should in turn pour positively into others. And speaking of others, I have also been able to see who my real people are. Cyber friendships are great, I have some amazing ones, but one needs to stay connected with real people in real life. I have filtered out who my real, real people are. They are the ones that have noticed that I have been gone and checked up on me, some even going out of their way to ask my friends who have my contact details if I’m okay. It’s important to know the people who genuinely care about you, keep them close and check up on them too from time to time.

The world needs all our different gifts and talents to make it better. We can and should share them. You will never know whose life you can impact by sharing your own. You can’t however share much of yourself when you haven’t invested time to learn and understand what your gifts and talents are. You can only do that by changing your focus.

I have learnt during this time, to spend my time where it matters and where my time will bear fruit. I hope you too can take the time you need to realize where your focus needs to be to get you to live your best life.

Proverbs 18:16 KJV “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.”

Trudy M.

9 thoughts on “Feed Your Focus

    1. It’s very interesting to actually see for yourself who and what you are outside of SM influence. All the best if you do get to do it. I would love to hear your feedback after you get done so we can compare notes😜🤗

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  1. Great read Ms Trudy. I felt your absence and even dreamt of mum! But like you said SM is the thief of time. You inspire me in so many ways and i got stuck on lunchbox ideas several times but thought , i can and i will and guess what, i did. Was stuck on clothing inspirations so many times with your absence but i said, i can and i will. Good to have you back. Not feed your focus 😊😊😊


    1. Hey Nyarie, Ah… super stoked that you get ideas and inspiration from my posts. I always say as long as I inspire one person then I would have served my purpose🙏🏾 You know too that you inspire me with your creativity and cake skills, let’s continue to spur each other on and lift each other up as women. Love and Light. Thank you for reading and following my blog💕


  2. You do need your space and private time too . You also don’t owe anybody an explanation for where you go or why and why you need spice and quiet !
    I’m glad to hear you are ok 🥰


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