Easy Banana Bread

Am I the only one who gets the urge to bake when the weather is gloomy? I really miss the sunny weather we used to have in Texas around this time of the year. It doesn't make it any better when I see my Texas based friends and family write about how hot it is [...]

Musings of a Diaspora Mom

I made bone-in tilapia last night for dinner and it was a reminder to me of why I don’t make a lot of “traditional” Zimbabwean food. Now, just so you know, I love most of the food I grew up eating in Zimbabwe. Some foods that I didn’t like as a child, I now love [...]

Easy weeknight dessert

My family and I are not big on having dessert at home but once in a while we do crave a little something sweet after dinner, at least I do. Monday night was one of those nights. I was feeling especially accomplished after planning the kids lunches and dinners for the whole week the Sunday [...]

Lunch and Life Lessons

If you have been following me for a while on Instagram you will know that I love to pack my kids school lunches. I’m however learning to let go and let my oldest 2 pack their own lunches as they're in middle school. I seriously struggle with letting them do it BUT they’re getting older [...]

Feed Your Focus

It’s a pretty self explanatory statement. Now, to stop and actually think about what you focus on? I will not go off on a tangent about giving up certain behaviors nor will I go into some deep introspection about what your focus should or shouldn’t be. Let's just say I have personally gained some much [...]

Social Media Detox

It’s been a whole 5 days since I decided to take a Social Media detox. It however feels like it’s been a whole month and I have caught myself trying to toggle to Instagram or Facebook only to remember that I don’t have those 2 apps on my phone, I actually deleted them! Why the [...]